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What's An Okapi?
An Okapi (pronounced oh-kah-pee) is a striped animal with brown fur, as you see on the picture above.  They have a long tongue that is blue and they also have a long neck.

The Okapi lives in Congo, Africa and is related to the giraffe. They're endangered because of poaching (hunting animals illegally) and destruction of habitat.
One of my favorite places to go is the Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, IL.  They have some really cool Okapis at this zoo, and a new baby was born there in 2006 (named Sauda).  If you'd like to learn more about Okapis please visit the Brookfield Zoo website.  Here's a link:

The Gilman International Conservation (GIC) runs the Okapi Conservation Project (OCP) in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.  The OCP was initiated in 1987 with the objective of eliciting support for the conservation of the wild okapi from zoological institutions managing okapi in zoos around the world.  Okapi ambassadors in zoos help instill awareness of the rapid destruction of rainforests and generate financial support for the preservation of okapi habitat in the Ituri Forest of the Congo River basin.  The OCP has significantly contributed to the establishment and security of the Okapi Wildlife Reserve, one of the most biologically diverse areas in all of Africa.  You can visit their website at:

Wikipedia also has good general information about the Okapi:
Last year I saw Okapis at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida...

...and also at the Dallas Zoo in Texas.

Here's a link to thousands of Okapi pictures on Google:

Here's a link to Zig Ziglar who motivated me to build this website:

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